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We need Unleashed skills for other weapons


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I believe the devs said they would add some default version for other weapons but honestly I don't think it would be hard to add an extra effect or small damage increasea for each weapon. It could even unlock a build that was previously unavailable.


Here are some of my ideas

Greatsword: Give maul ammo to synergies with 5, increase damage on the 3 and increase damage if disabled on 1 and 5 (would love this) 

Longbow: Increase damage if stunned for all skills except for the stealth skill "hunter's shot" which should have a stun (small damage buff and better get away or over commit) 

Shortbow: increase the number of conditions if stunned except poison volley which should have a daze instead (more skilled play) 

Sword: monarchs leap should have Quickness and 1 and 3 should have might generation. (give the weapons something unique) 

Main hand axe: better might generation on 1 and extra poison damage on 2 and 3 (this weapon has to many effects so buff them all) 

Offhand axe: 4 should have a daze and a flat damage increase on 5 if target is stunned (save it for stunned targets) 

Dagger: even more conditions if target has a movement impaired effect. (buff weapon mechanic) 

Torch: a daze on 4 and cripple on 5 (damage is already high so maximising it would be better) 

Warhorn: group quickness on 4 and group alacrity on 5 (not enough to sustain it even with 100% boon duration) 

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