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Gem Shop crashes the game

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Hey guys, Whenever I open up Gem Store, press 'O' the game crushes momentarly.   Any1 else encountered this issue? Screenshot below : https://i.imgur.com/63PeCZX.png

It's funny how when they finally have the Sales that on items that really matter in the game there Gem Store Crashes.  Make no Sense.    Can you image if this game was fully  Korean pub game and

I found a strange trick that worked for me.  I was unable to get any of the techniques listed in the previous forum posts to work.  I went to a trading post vendor (a vendor found anywhere in-game), t

49 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

How very odd.  Perhaps those with this issue are using the same anti-virus program? Or the same overlay, such as Discord?  Some setting in-game that you share? Something you all have in common?


as you may read before - it depends on account. One account on particular PC is crashing and other is not ... So no antivirus or other things involved. And clearly - I checked crash dump - and there are only GW things in crashing callstack ...

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I also am having the same issue with crashing after opening the gem store. It happens whether I press "O" or click the icon. I submitted a ticket and reported the crash with the window that pops up once it crashes. I recently used the currency exchange feature and bought gems with gold and since then the gem store crashes. I'm not sure if that's relevant, but now I can't spend my gems :(

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I have the same issue. It is related to the gem store on one account. If I open the the Trading Post (at a BLTC-NPC), everything works as normal. I can also switch to the Currency exchange, but when I switch to the Gem store, the game crashes after loading the top half of the page, just before the "--New Items-- --Promotions-- --Featured Items --" line.

Logging in on a different account on the same machine does not have this issue.

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Hi.  I haven't really been able to play for a couple weeks due to some surgery that went bad, but I've been trying since yesterday and it is crashing every time I try to open the gem store.


After reading about everyone else having the same issue, I am disappointed to not see an official response from ANET.

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4 hours ago, PhantomSpirit.9157 said:

Has anyone come up with a solution for this issue, i've been crashing like crazy every time i try to open the gem store regardless of what changes I make to the config, also no addons.

I am in the same boat... looks like the bug has hit a new wave accounts. Very sad day...

Based on the previous forum posts it seems the issue is server side and will eventually resolve itself...

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