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Untamed In PvE: Possible Highest Breakbar Damage In The Game, Extreme CC and Recharge Reductions


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Grandmaster Trait Fervent Force reduces the recharge of all your skills, including the F1-F3 skills, by 4 seconds in PvE whenever you strike a foe with a disabling ability (the foe does not have to actually be disabled for the trait to trigger and reduce your cooldowns, they merely need be struck by the attack).  This trait has a mere 0.25, or one quarter of a second cooldown, allowing it to trigger very rapidly. Some things to note in this short demonstration video:  


* Forest's Fortification recharged before the duration expired during my first usage of it, thanks to the cooldown reductions from Fervent Force. When I used it for the second time, it expired with merely 3 seconds left on its cooldown. When used for the third time, it expired with merely 17 seconds left on the cooldown.

* Rending Strikes removes 3 boons in PvE. With Fervent Force, it was recharging in mere seconds, allowing for near constant boon strip.

* Overbearing Smash, Thump, Call Lightning, and Exploding Spores were my sources of CC. Each one them reduces the cooldowns of the others, allowing for constant CC spam.

* Overbearing Smash triggers the cooldown reduction twice, once during the initial daze application and a second time during the second daze application. 

* The trait Enhancing Impact gave me permanent stability for the duration I was in combat during this video.


I acknowledged in the feedback thread Untamed's lack of performance in WvW, however, PvE mechanics and gameplay are very different from WvW. This trait essentially increases the performance of the Untamed nearly tenfold in PvE and makes it feel like a much more complete specialization. The amount of CC I was able to apply in this short demo is staggering. I'm not a PvE main as I play mostly WvW, but it seems like this spec is capable of an extreme amount of breakbar damage and boonstrip due to Fervent Force.


Edit: My damage wasn't very high in this demo because I was using Soldier's gear.

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