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Raven gates not working.

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According to people in game, if i have Raven's Flight trained and mastered, it should just work...


But his happens:



I press activate, and i get a popup that i should train raven's flight to use the gate. 

But i already have Raven's Flight trained and mastered...


So i can't use the gates? What is happening?

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6 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Those gates don't respond, and are not supposed to respond, to that Mastery.

They are only for the Drakkar event. 

ah... ok...

It's kind of confusing for the game to tell me "glowing gates are open ones" and to literally tell me to master that...

I thought it was a bug... Couldn't they have found a different way to communicate to players that they can't use the gates outside of the drakkar event?

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