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Healing from stealth (feedback/suggestion)


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I was extremely hyped about getting to theorycraft a support build for WvW/sPvP that could stealth up and support it's allies while remaining unseen, but I have seen that the heal skills (at least, the main ones which I checked) would all reveal the Spectre from stealth. I know attacking enemies did this, but normally attacking and hitting nothing does not reveal you (deadeye rifle 1 being the only exception, as that stealth attack explicitly says it applies reveal to you while casting it).


In my opinion, hitting allies should not break stealth, just as casting spells that don't target anyone would normally not break stealth. Only hitting enemies should. I think some meme-builds could be very fun to theory craft, around the idea of giving up some of your heals per second to be able to become this spooky shadow-healer who buffs up and heals allies from stealth sometimes. The spec is exclusive from deadeye which means you would have a much harder time trying to get absurd amounts of stealth too, so I think this could be balanced reasonably well. 


Maybe this could have been a trait even? a trait for "skills you use which only target allies will no longer reveal you from stealth" (maybe with a drawback to reduce the healing or something when this happens, if it was deemed necessary)


I'm sure it wouldn't be as easy as just flipping the switch, since this would be a notable balance change, and Anet would probably have to put effort into making sure it remains fair to play against. But I at least had most of my hype for this class shattered by this realization. 

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