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Be Careful. 3rd Party Cheating Ele on Fergusons Crossing


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On 11/10/2021 at 1:49 PM, Nocturnal Lunacy.8563 said:

There have been an influx of these guys lately. There's a hacker thief on sos gliding in areas not controllled by his server. And there are reports of others on sos. Even one was accused on fa. The telltale sign is usually they are on beginning ranked characters, that doesnt mean all beginners to wvw are hackers but hackers tend to use accounts they didn't invest any time or money into. Then you get the covert speed hackers that just raise their speed ever so slightly so its not noticable to most players but to veteran players it can be noticed. Esp when they never lose speed when inflicted with chill or pretty much any cc. Those guys will be on more favorable accounts cuz they don't think theyll ever get caught and they prob wont. I mean its very very very hard to prove that if youre not scouring the thousands of pages of logs and doing the math. best thing to do is just record it and send to exploits@arena.net. and give time, date, location etc. as much detail as possible. youll never stop these guys tho cuz anet only bans them for 6 mo so they just get on other accounts and then go back to that one when ban is over. anet needs to ban the ip addresses. 

It sure is hacking to use Superior Rune of Speed.



"increase movement speed by 66% when under the effect of swiftness."



Trust me, when you see hacks, you'll know it. Players using all classes skills at once, flying around without a glider while attacking, going under the ground to capture keeps, teleporting between locations (mostly to nodes in PvE or to spawn waypoint while in combat or downed in WvW) and so on.


Actual hacks aren't subtle tweaks, they're _extremely_ noticeable. Anything that modifies movement in particular makes the player walk/fly like a laggy robot, not slightly and smoothly faster.

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On 10/28/2021 at 12:15 AM, Jitters.9401 said:

At long range he was able to avoid scorpion wire

Yeah.. Scorpion Wire flies extremly slowly and barely hits the target if you’re not in melee range already, even then it usually misses.


On 10/28/2021 at 2:51 AM, Jitters.9401 said:

I'm good. The fact, that the only person to have beaten me in ages has to cheat just makes me laugh harder.

Thing is you’re not as good as you think, you got killed by a better player, learn from your mistakes then become better.

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