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Suggestions for the Untamed


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I feel like the Untamed has a lot of potential to be good but suffers from old issues such as a weapon (hammer) that is pretty impractical in competitive modes as well as the good ol’ terrible pet AI. 


First, I would like to address the hammer. The main problem I’ve notice with this weapon and the Unleash mechanic is it doesn’t have a good flow when “switching” from one mode to the other. Add to this the fact that most of these skills are melee range, which are hard to land and are slow. The way it’s currently designed is, you want to start with an “normal” hammer to “set-up” a CC, then switch to “unleashed” hammer for what supposed to be a “pay-off” DPS. However, many have noticed that this is not the case. The DPS is gated by both the mechanic itself and CC requirement. 


My first suggestion to make the “Normal” hammer focus on soft CCs and non-damaging conditions (cripple, immobilize, slow). The “Unleash” hammer now focuses on hard CCs paired with CC gated damage. 


1.     Auto-attacks: Now gets 5% more damage on enemies with soft CCs. 15% more damage on enemies with hard CCs. 


2.     Wild Swing: 1/2s Cast, 4s CD

-       Increase range to 180. Now causes cripple. If that foe is suffering from cripple, slow, immobilize, and chill: this skill also causes 2 stacks of vulnerability and deals more damage (10%)

Unleashed Wild Swing: 1/2s Cast, 4s CD

-       Increase range to 180. Deals increased damage to disabled enemies (25%) and you gain 2 stacks of might. 


3.      Thump: ¾s Cast, 12s CD

-       Increase range to 240, now strikes in a cone. Deals damage and causes enemy to be weakened. If the enemy is above 50% health, it is also slowed (2s). 

Unleashed Thump: 

-       Increase range to 240, now strikes in a cone. Knockdown foe for 1 second. If that foe is below 50% health, it is knocked down for 2 seconds instead and you gain quickness (2s). 


4.     Savage Shock: 1s Cast, 16 CD

-       First wave (120 range): 4s of immobilize, 8s of cripple; Second wave (240 range): 3s of immobilize, 6s of cripple; Third wave (360 range):  2 second of immobilize, 4s of cripple. 

Unleased Savage Shock: 1s Cast, 16s CD

-       First wave (120 range): 3s of stun; Second wave (240 range): 2s of stun; Third wave (360 range):  1s of stun. For each enemy struck, gain fury. 


5.     Overbearing Smash: 3/4s Cast, 20s CD

-       Increase range to 360 and now strike in a cone. Deal massive damage to foes. Deal increased damage to foes suffering from cripple, slow, immobilize, chill. This skill recharges the rest of your hammer skills by 5% per foes hit. 

Unleashed Overbearing Smash. 

-       Increase range to 360 and now strike in a cone. Deal massive damage. If that foe is disabled, gain stability and follow up with a leaping strike that also deals massive damage. 


Unleash Pet Skills 

-       Now counts as “Beast” Abilities


F1:  Venomous Outburst 

-       Increase teleport range to 1200. Stun breaks your pet. 


F2: Rending Vines

-       Now also immobilizes enemies for 1s. 


F3: Enveloping Haze

-       Now dazes (1/2 second) upon initial cast. Remove chill. Now causes poison and confusion. 


Unnatural Traversal – now teleports both YOU and YOUR PET to enemy location. 

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For PvP sake, you just can't expect the unleash pet skills to be "beast" abilities.

Objectively, hammer is not an issue. The weapon isn't "great" but it's fonctional and don't prevent you from taking any of the core ranger weapon. If you want a damage dealing weapon, turn yourself toward the core weapon, the spec give you 15% damage increase while unleashed and up to 15% more from Ferocious symbiosis, which mean 32% increase of damage for your core weapons without much effort (It might not be as effective than the stat increase of soulbeast but, nonetheless, it's a impactful especially since, contrary to SB, you got your pet to deal damage together with you).

The issue of the spec is that it feel unfinished just like almost all the EoD specs. They slaped a second set of skills on the new weapon when unleashed but didn't care to touch the core weapons. They slaped a 2nd set of pet skills when unleashed that is passable for melee pet but didn't care to think about ranged pet. It's just like they only though about the microcosm of the spec within "frontline bruiser" goal but failed to see the big picture (The worse being that they didn't even manage to reach the goal).

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