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F skills should be the same position between all classes

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imo this would be like changing the positions of the buttons in the base skill bar around for every class, it doesnt make any sense.
For example on soulbeast the ui makes it look like f1,2,3 are f2,3,4 both positionally and for the fact that the pet icon looks like a button and its in the f1 spot. 
not sure if other ppl get this but muscle memory will try to hit the positional f key and not the number that its labeled with which makes the class annoying to learn.

edit: i guess im not communicating this clearly since no one is understanding what im saying. but taking another stab at this, and using soulbeast as an example again, you would fix soulbeast by moving the pet icon out of the f1 position and moving to the end so that the f skils are positionally consistent with other classes.

[f1][f2][f3][pet icon]
instead of:
[pet icon][f1][f2][f3]

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