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Ranger NEEDS Profession Skill Bindings 1-9


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Currently under the key bindings we have have :

Profession skill 1

Profession skill 2

Profession skill 3

Profession skill 4

Profession skill 5

they need to add profession 6 and 7, but if ArenaNet is not lazy (ArenaNet, please don't be lazy) then they will add profession skill bindings going up to 9


Default bindings on ranger should be as follows:

Profession skill 1: Attack command

Profession skill 2: Pet skill 1

Profession skill 3: Pet skill 2

Profession skill 4: Pet skill 3

Profession skill 5: Return to me command

Profession skill 6: Pet swap

Profession skill 7: Elite specialization mechanic (Astral form, Beastmode, Unleashed)

Profession skill 8: Toggle behavior of pet

Profession skill 9: Stow pet


You can re-key bind these however you want of course, but at least now you have the option


I suppose toggle pet behavior and stow pet dont need to be considered part of the profession mechanic and have key binds elsewhere. Leaving 1-7 for the profession mechanic.


However, I argue for 1-9 because it is literally part of the rangers profession mechanis UI.

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My arguement for all keybindings that deal with the pets to be considered part of rangers profession mechanic.
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2 hours ago, Aleksander Suburb.4287 said:

Sorry, but I can't agree with this. It is just too much key management. 9 profession skill keys, 10 skill keys, additional keys for mount, switch weapon etc. And you must coordinate all this keys in a fight.



You almost never need toggle pet behavior or stow pet (should still he able to keybind them). On top of that, I am in support of the ability to control click any of the pet skills (or all of them) setting them to auto cast.


If you auto casted F2-4 and never use toggle behavior or stow you are only using 4 mechanic keys.


The 4 would be:

Pet attack command

Pet return

Pet swap

Special mechanic (Beastmode, Celestial avatar, ect.)


The Idea is that if a player wanted more control over the pet the options are at least there.

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