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Action Cam: Movement and shadowstep abilities will fail or not work correctly if your aiming reticle isn't also pointed at the target.

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As someone who has wrist issues and needs to use the action cam to play GW2.  This issue with the action cam makes it really hard to use these types abilities.  Often shadow step skills simply won't work at all (going on cooldown while moving you no where) and movement abilities will often not track the target if the AC reticle isn't aimed directly at them as well.  I would love it if the requirement of having to also aim the reticle at your selected target was removed for these abilities.  Allowing you to show-step/move towards them, without  requiring you to aim the reticle at them as well. 

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If it's a targeted teleport skill, (a skill that requires a selected target npc/player to use)   and the action cam dot isn't nearly directly on top of them, your port skill will go off and you won't go anywhere.

Dash skills will often go past people in melee range because the action cam dot is usually above your player, and if it isn't over your enemy, then you just go the direction your facing instead of at your target.

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