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3 hours ago, Dracula.1709 said:

I realize it's Halloween but I don't want my Norn on a raptor to look like pantleg dinosaur costume all year round.  Perhaps we could boost the size of mounts for bigger races?  Even 10% would probably do it.

My poor griffin whenever my over size Char hops on. I keep thinking it must be a new griffin each time, because it back is carrying a pretty big boi.

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3 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Mount size is determined by the height of your character. 

So, short Norn small Mount - tall Norn larger Mount.

Not only that, but a mount's apparent size will always scale based on the same model of that mount, regardless of what race the character is, so a short Norn will have the same sized mount as a short Asura. The smallest Norn or Charr on the smallest mount does look a bit ridiculous to me, too.

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