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Pet Mechanics Suggestions

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I finally got to play the BETA event for a few hours after work this week; and after a bit of experimenting (along with some general consensus online); I'd like to make a few suggestions to help improve the Pet mechanics for End of Dragons. [I also have some baseline feedback for the Engineer Mechanist and Ranger Untamed, but I will save those for the discussion thread for Elite Specs specifically]. First things first; lets all give Anet the proper praise they deserve for working on a much needed improved Pet Control System. Everyone that I know has been requesting control over their Pets' other two abilities since the launch of the game and now we finally have it. Lets hope that once the bugs are fixed and the functions are polished, that it will be something available to ALL Rangers and not just Unleased Rangers (please Anet?). That being said... There is a lot of issues with the new Pet Control functionality and UI. Again - this is specifically for Pets, I will not be going into Untamed or Mechanist in detail.

     - [TLDR: Feedback and Suggestions for Pets; not the Untamed or Mechanist Elite Specs]


1) The Attack and Return Commands 

- The Beta Issue: With the updated Pet controls, we lost the ability to Attack Command a target with the F1 skill; and while I understand that the F1-F3 skills are now used for a Pets' special abilities, losing the ability to initiate an attack without preemptively using an ability can be hindering. Some examples include, but are not limited to: Having a tank pet leash a tougher enemy by drawing aggro first; prompting your pet to attack one target from a range or desired location; splitting focus between multiple enemies. 

- The Suggestion: Have the current Return Command key perform double-duty by having it toggle between the Attack Command and Return Command based on whether or not the pet is currently locked onto the target. Having the Attack Command and Return Command keys separated always seemed odd, because the Return Command doesn't have any function unless the pet is already attacking something. While I am not sure how simple this would be to implement, it would add Quality Of Life to the Rangers' (And Mechanist Engineers') pet controls. 

2) The Pre-existing Ranger Keybind Issues 

- The Beta Issue: One of my first reported issues for this game, and one that a particular Ranger-Main content creator pointed out in his recent video, is that the Rangers' (and Mechanist Engineers') 4th and 5th class feature keys do not have Keybinding. Before; this just met that players couldn't keybind the toggle for Passive/Aggressive pets or the Stow Pet buttons... but now this means the Return Command is no-longer keybindable. This means the pet is no longer able to draw enemy aggro and return to you, and you can't easily reposition ranged pets to a different location that you want them to go to. This is a BIG loss of Quality Of Life and basic tactics for the Ranger (And Mechanist Engineer). 

- The Suggestion: Add Keybinding for the Rangers' Return Command Key (suggested combined with the Above suggestion for the largest Quality of Life improvement).

3) Some Pet Skills are a Clutter to Control 

- The Beta Issue: Don't get me wrong, a LOT of the Pet Skills we are getting access too are super impactful (i.e.: Smokescale's Takedown and Shadowstep being controllable are insane), but there are a lot of skills that are... a lack for a better word 'Filler'. Such examples include the Bear's Bite skill or the Drake's Chomp skill (both are just DPS skills with no real secondary effect to speak off outside of a small percentage of healing). 

- The Suggestion: There isn't any real easy solution to this one that I can think of which would be easy to implement... An option in the Menu to toggle between Pet AI using abilities or Player Controlling abilities would be asking for two much for the only 4 of 27 Specs that use them, and adding an 'Auto-Cast' option might be too wanky coding-wise for Anet to implement properly. Unless Anet can implement some way to auto-cast certain abilities, we will just have to bite and grit for this one.

4) Name Glitch 

- The Beta Issue: This isn't anything new, if you swap pets the game forgets their name and you have to rename them when you swap back. This isn't so much noticeable on the Ranger, but oh my lord is it noticeable on the Jade Golem Mech. Literally, every time you summon it, the game forgets its name as if you pet swapped.

- The Suggestion: Really only noticeable on the Jade Golem, so if you find a way to add coding for the game to remember a Jade Golem's previous name, you could use that? No need to fix it for the Ranger's IMO, since most people don't Pet Swap enough to make it noticeable. (TBH, I haven't played Rangers in a VERY long time, is names being erased on Pet Changing still a thing? Not Pet Swapping, but actually pulling up the Pet Menu and selecting a new Pet?). 


That's all my feedback and suggestions. I can't wait to see how the system improves at the launch of End of Dragons! 

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