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Untamed, Specter, and Mechanist Specs impressions.


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This elite spec feels very weak to play. The evasive abilities seem lacking, and the melee weapons make you vulnerable without any compensation in power from the abilities. The transform seems to make you more vulnerable, and doesn't really add anything useful to the spec.






This elite spec feels extremely weak to play. The shroud doesn't seem to add anything useful to the spec. This is the most vulnerable I've ever felt with a thief elite spec. This is the worst of the elite thief builds.






This elite spec feels powerful and diverse in its abilities. It has a very good mix of offensive and defensive abilities, and the mech is a great addition to the spec. This is the best engineer elite spec so far. It has finally made the engineer really fun to play.




After trying all the elite specs for End of Dragons, I found only three specs that I would enjoy playing, Harbinger, Virtuoso, and Mechanist.

While I understand not everyone will enjoy playing every elite spec, I am concerned that most of the specs feel weak and too vulnerable. It makes me wonder how each spec was tested.

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 for several months now. I've found that core Tyria is mostly quite a bit of fun and is quite diverse in its content, but unfortunately, the two expansions

significantly increased the difficulty of the game, rendering core Tyria ineffective in evaluating new specs and builds. Path of Fire seems to be the middle ground when it comes to difficulty,

so I tend to start there when evaluating new specs and builds. When I test a spec or build and find that it has trouble defeating mobs like the scarabs in this area, it gives me a very poor impression of that spec.

I like to test other mobs like hero challenges as well. All the current specs and builds I have chosen to use can defeat most of the hero challenges solo. If a new spec cannot do this, I consider it to be under-powered.

Heart of Thorns is the most difficult expansion to play. The terrain is largely extremely difficult to navigate, and the mobs are more difficult to kill. The hero challenges are nearly impossible to manage solo in many cases.

This makes testing new specs in this area difficult, so I usually avoid this expansion. I understand the need to demonstrate new abilities against targets like the kitten golems, but it really does not give a fair impression of how the abilities work in a typical fight.

Mobs in Tyria fight back, they move around, and have unique abilities. Kitten golems are a very poor substitute for most mobs in Tyria.


The extreme differences in the offensive abilities, defensive abilities, and vulnerability of different elite specs makes me wonder if these specs were tested properly.

I only have to spend a few minutes with a spec to see very obvious weaknesses in how it plays compared to other specs. I'm not sure what the goal is for these elite specs, but the balance feels way off.

I believe ArenaNet is very aware of which mobs are harder to defeat, because there are player stats of which mobs kill the most players. Test against these mobs, and you'll have an idea of which spec really works well.

Guild Wars 2 is much like the weather, it is mostly felt in its extremes. People expect to be able to defeat the regular mobs, it's the more difficult mobs where your choice of spec and build are important.


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