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Just got to 290 gold -Skyscale or Griffen help me make the decision

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So apparently I had 100 mystic coins in my bank for 9 years and did not know about it. Also got a lot of gold from tournaments. Now which one do I get. I get Griffen is easier, just go to different areas and find the gryphon eggs and buy 10 items for 25 gold.


griffen requires me to buy the entire living season 4 which is going to cost 10$ or 220 gold. It takes around 45 gold for skyscale so in either case it comes down to 250ish gold. Therefore the question is simple, which one is more useful…


1) I still need to do HoT on 5+ chars and need to get 100% on those maps, for the mastery points and skill points. 
2) I plan to go back to base game maps and gain 100% completion with flying mount as it will be very quick.


3) I do plan to make crafting, I got 0 crafting. So knowing these factors which id better for me?


- do I go Griffen for the fast clear of base game but struggle with HoT

- or do I go sky scale and cheese HoT but struggle with base game?


I know the return achievements give me 250 of each currency.  What is the play 

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I like griffon more, but skyscale is more practical. 1:0 for skyscale.

Getting griffon is faster. By alot. Any "wings" is better then on foot. 1:1

Getting skyscale is much easier, if you already have griifon. Map navigation. 1:2

Having more maps unlocked is a plus. 2:1 for skyscale (as you'd buy more maps). 2:2

... im sure, theres more ...

But it looks to me, your "bottleneck" is gold. Its not. Not super hard to get gold, as long as you actually play.

By the way, my logic was: get "wings" fast, so griffon. This gives me more gold faster when farming other stuff.

But I'll also say: pick something and stop wasting time on forums. Becuase by the time you get "perfect answer", you'd be half done with whichever decidion you make. At the end, you'll want both anyway.



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Griffon's a lot of fun, Skyscale is really useful.

I'd suggest Skyscale first. The difficulty in getting it isn't as bad as people make out, especially now you can get 250 map currency from tier three in each LW4 return achievement.

Rollerbeetle is pretty fast to get, and will fill the usefulness of Griffon, which is zooming across a map when you want to get to the other side without waypointing.

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