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Mech should get multiple passive effects with flexible cooldown that help it handle large scale fights


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Right now the cooldown is way too long after the mech is defeated. This is a problem when dealing with large scale WvW fights with damage coming from everywhere.


The solution I had for this would be for pets/minions to get passive proc effects that trigger on situations that pets/minions generally have problem with, such as huge damage spikes and AoE splash damage.


Some General Pet/minion effect ideas for across the board:


*9 Lives - Cooldown 20 seconds- If pet or minion take a lethal blow or damage  exceeding 40% of its health in less than 3 seconds, restore pet/minion to 60% of its total health and makes it immune to damage for 2 seconds. 


*AoE Avoidance-  Trigger time based- Every 20 seconds, pet/minion gains a 6 seconds of 85% damage reduction from incoming AoE attacks when 5 or more targets are hit. 



Mech exclusive passives:


*Nanobot recovery - trigger on every 8th attack - trigger nano bots to self repair the mech healing 10% of its health over 5 seconds.


*Starmetal Armor-  Trigger is time based- Every 30 seconds the mech gains a 50% incoming damage reduction for 6 seconds.


 *Rebuild - Trigger is time based- every 2 mins, the Mech rebuilds itself if destroyed independent of cooldown



Some of the ideas for the general pet/minion additions would help all pets and minions do better in large scale fights like in WvW zerg battles, which are common. 


But the Mech exclusive passives also gives Mechanist more options for managing the resummons issue outside of just the Elite Skill and just waiting for the cooldown.


Also gives mech more ways to self recover and survive the damage spikes we see from zerg fights. It has adjustable triggers, like the number of attacks before the effect can proc, or timer based procs.

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