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Never received gem store purchase.

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I bought the "9th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition" and I never received the second supply drop. Support said the system shows it's in my mailbox and I just need to make room. I deleted everything in my mailbox, it's not there. When I responded that I still didn't have it they said there's nothing they can do. I asked for a refund since I did not get the items I purchased and they refused.

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Sometimes, mail is stuck behind item in the Trading Post (I know, it seems weird); you can try picking up all Gold and items from the Trading Post.  Also, you could try a -repair of the client.


You could also use gw2efficiency to check your account for the Backpack and Glider Voucher, the Black Lion Weapons Voucher, and the 2 Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets.


Good luck. 

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