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Share idea: if Vindicator jump mechanic not work, what suggest mechanic shall be alternatives?


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Like topic said .  
As I notice, It seem Rev try not to share same mechanic profession with other 8 profession. 
it mean designer has to create new one for Rev only.


now new mechanic jump jump pop up. But I am not sure with will work coz it has price to pay for evasion and make almost traits focus on endurance. And it give consequence to the epic don’t have room to do other build path.

we now see  build idea jump damage, jump heal and jump chill. And the rest is pump endurance trait.


so … if it has to change, what shall be new mechanic or style that suit to name “ vindicator “


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One mechanic  idea that I can think is “ energy collect”

 Concept: every skill that you use . You can collect part of energy as savings and use F2 F3 F4 to release



F2 skill  : Annihilated wave:   Deal wave damage in area around self give knock down effect and step back through the mist

F3.           Breathe of life. :        Heal area  and stealth self 

F4.           Way of survival :     Give might aegis quick to self and chill area around self



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Maybe have the F2/3/4 be dependent on which Legend you are channelling that way they can give varied effect without giving to much abilities at the same time

What I dream they would do is Legends kits, where F2 enter a kit for each of the channelled Legend (So 4+1 kit, so 20-25 weapon skills) eg:

Legendary Dwarf: 2h Hammer (Dwarf Hammer skin)

Legendary Demon: Double Axe

Legendary Assassin: Double Sword

Legendary Centaur: 2h Staff

Legendary Ritualist (If the Legend is Razah): Unarmed

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They should've done something else.  If there's one thing you should never do is mess with simple core mechanics by taking away from it.  One dodge Mirage was and is still a mistake and ANet trying to be cute with different flavor of dodges with Vindicator should never been introduced.

Giving Vindicator three dodges and then having the traits modify them based on the number dodges you have might be a better approach.  As it stands now, Forerunner of Death is absolutely garbage and without massively increasing the damage output to the point of being broken should never be picked.

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I'd wait for the next beta to see if the dodge has been updated a bit.
In its current state you can be hit mid-dodge which sort of defeats the point of a dodge to begin with. The reason you can make do with mirage having one dodge (only in competitive by the way not in PVE) is because of blink + jaunt.
Imperial guard on Greatsword can block a large attack , Phantom's Onslaught can close a 900 range gap (further than sword or staff) for far cheaper energy than Phase Transversal on Shiro, but you lose some the flexibility of a dodge unless you have a target because of how Battle Dance / Nomad's advance are flip skills.

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