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Guild Wars 2 on Zorin 16, Unable to initialize 3D output

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I've tried to use Lutris to get Guild Wars 2 to work on Zorin 16, I've seen there is another topic of Gw2 on Linux here from 2018, no mention of Zorin 16 there, just Ubuntu. But so far are completely lost on how to get the game to open. I can't install the Nvidia driver Lutris want "driver 465", only "driver 390" as a Gtx 560m do not support it. 


Can't see a way to put in a screenshot here, but what I get when trying to launch the game is: Unable to initialize 3D output. Please verify that you have installed DirectX 9 and an updated video driver.


Any way to get this game to work for Zorin 16 on a laptop with a Gpu that doesn't have full support for Vulkan and DXVK games? Guild Wars 2 is pretty much the only thing I use my laptop for, so I really hoped Zorin 16 could be a good alternative instead of Windows. Was going to try it out here to see if I'll switch over on my desktop later. Not being able to figure out how to run the only game I play was a rough start though. The operative system in it self is quite comfortable. Just hope this one thing can work so I can get into just trying other stuff out.

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So, Zorin OS 16 wants Nvidia Linux driver 465 but your graphics card is supported with Nvidia Linux driver 390 at most?


Maybe you can use an older version of Zorin OS that supports older Nvidia drivers?


Actually the best option is to use Windows instead, but judging you just switched to a Windows alternative I guess you're not too happy about the closed-source, telemetry-ridden and ever-changing MS offerings.

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It's a little bit on a moral lvl of what the people behind windows are doing now a days that I'm not too fond of. So wanted to try something else as I've been cutting myself more and more away from things like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and so on. I can probably get Gw2 to work fine on my Desktop that has a Gtx 1060 that supports driver 465. But should experiment some and try things out with my old gaming laptop before I should think about doing it on my main computer. 


I used Litrus to install Gw2, that's the thing saying since I ain't got the proper Nvidia driver there will be things not working properly. I got a step closer and got the game open, so now I'll just have to try improving the performance to a playable lvl. It's locked on 2fps at the moment. I could try to get Gw2 through the Steam method that I've read about on other forums somewhere. Maybe it will be more stable on my laptop. 


Just a shame I won't be able to experiment on my days off, I forgot my charger back at my parents place -_- which is 2 hours away. 

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