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I've been looking to get more serious in PvE and heard two classes are the most welcome in a party - guardian and revenant. 

I chose to gear up my revenant according to this build https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Renegade_-_Boon_Support_Power_DPS_(Fractal), but then watched a video https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/forum/25-players-helping-players/?do=add making me confused how to gear up.


Metabattle says to use 3 pieces of Berserker armor and 3 pieces + Diviner. Additionally the sigils on weapons are Impact and Force.

Video says to go full Diviner on everything with sigils of Impact and Concentration.


I already crafted 2 berserker pieces and going for a third, do I have to reforge? Maybe the metabattle build is just for fractals, but is not good for other content? What would be better in general (raid, fractals, dragon strikes)? Also, do I need full ascended for dragon strikes? 

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Fractal builds generally account for 150AR converting to Precision which is why there's inconsistency between fractal builds and raid/strike builds. The reason why Impact and Force Sigils are used in fractals and not elsewhere is because Impact sigil usually doesn't get the 7% bonus outside of fractals so it only account for 3% bonus (i.e. = 45 ferocity).

Fractal --- https://discretize.eu/builds/revenant/power-renegade/
raid --- https://snowcrows.com/builds/revenant/renegade/power-alacrity-renegade

You only need full ascended for T4 fractals (you can use exotic armor in T3). You can use exotic armor in raids and strikes and DRMs and even exotic trinkets/backpiece/weapon. I wouldn't advise using an exotic weapon since you lose 5% weapon strength, everything else is merely a stat loss.

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