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Specter tuning complicates its PvE gameplay (suggestions)


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To be fair, Specter has got to be one of my favorite elite specs in general, however, the current tuning of the spec makes it function in weird and needlessly complicated ways in PvE. 


First off, the condition damage gameplay of the spec, while using a scepter, is broken: Rot Wallow Venom is so strong, you actually want to target your allies to maximize your condition damage. (side note: Allied targeting, in general, desperately needs a fix, something along the lines of a Target Next Allied Player keybind.) On the other hand, Shadow Shroud's condition damage is really weak, especially on the AA, leaving the profession mechanic underused. 


Secondly, I can see where Anet is trying to go with the wells, but they should be stronger when their special conditions are met, not weaker. This gives PvE groups weak thief wells because the squad tends to have the boons, and the boss tends to have the conditions already.


And then there's the boon application. Alacrity is standardized to 10-man as of now, with both primary alacrity supports (Mirage and Renegade) being able to maintain it on 10 people. While the Specter does get quickness as well, leaving it as an argument to keep the Alacrity to 5 targets only, the quickness application currently leads to highly inconsistent results as the specter has to cycle through different allies in their group, with the super clunky allied targeting, to maximize group quickness uptime.


My suggestions:

Nerf Rot Wallow Venom, so that the specter can focus on condition damage most effectively by actually targeting its actual target.

Buff shroud, especially AA, conditions, so the specter can use their shroud more than just dipping in and out.

Change the wells to be stronger when the conditions are met, such as the condition damage well applying more torment when the target has all the damaging conditions instead of less, or the boon well extending boons a little instead of granting might on a boon-stacked target.

Change the quickness application from Endless Night to be a 5-man, subgroup prioritizing AoE.

After that, it should be up to number tuning, as long as it doesn't break the shroud-attack-venom number balance.

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