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Looking for some friends


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I don't know if it's appropriate to start a new topic like this, but I didn't see a recent one. I returned to the game about six months ago and have since rediscovered my love for it. Just as the name says - I would really like to stop playing this mmo like a single player game. I was wondering if there were other people in my position. Whether it's crafting legendaries or just clearing out some hearts,  I'm pretty much up for anything. I tried joining a guild, but one tends to get lost in those and have yet failed find other players to simply just enjoy the open world with or work towards a common goal, or simply help them with their goals in game. So in the hope of making some new friends I'm posting here - I'm a 31 year old male from Bulgaria on the EU Seafarer's Rest server with a very busy professional life, yet somehow I still manage to find the time to play almost daily. If you find yourselves in the same situation just hit me up either in-game or here :).

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