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Add flag with happy face to game

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I have idea to add  new county flag to pull

it wuld be country flag with happy face that wuld mean that party/squad is cool/casual oriented with goal to have fun/rp racher a bench race


What we rly lack is managment for more of casual players as more often thay not confident inaf  to make groups for themselfe or not know that thay join groups that looking for someone more experienced, so adding flag will solve some of that problems, as thay will feel more safe to join groups/squads with that flag


What do you think about that idea?


Will it motivate ppl to be more friendly like with mentor tag or commander tag for shake of helping others?


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I don't think a flag is a good way of doing this, those are specifically used to indicate the language the group will be using. Also a happy face doesn't imply casual, at least to me.

If a group wants to say they're open to casual players, less experienced players or whoever else they can simply say that in their description. I assume this is specifically about PvP or raid groups because I know dungeon groups, low level Fractal groups and groups for various open-world/small instance PvE activities (like the Labyrinth) already do exactly that.

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