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Can we pilot mech insted of having it as pet?

Noah Salazar.5430

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like title said

mech is too hard to control, and require constantly presing "come back" for support abilitis 😕

we wuld get as 1 mele mech auto, as 2 Rocked punsh with 2amo, as 3 Spark revolver , as 4  Discharge Array, as 5 Jade Mortar 


 Barrier Burst wuld be Barrier signet toolbelt skill

Crisis zone wuld be Healing signet toolbelt skill

Explosive Knucle wuld be Shift Signet toolbet skill


And so on

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I think it comes down to is the pet eng class a pve class or a pvp class. As is with a pet its a pve class witch seems all eod classes are balanced for pve. If it was a pilot mech class it would be a pvp class for sure but eod elite spec seem comply all in on pve so i do not think that will happen.

The in-btween ideal should be what we are going for pve vs pvp but right now due to "ranger pet" ai it dose not work well for more then benchmark fights also know as pve.

I think in pvp or wvw you should be able to "lock on" a player where the pet will always stay on your target and mostly support or def that target. I am just not sure if you can rework it to be "one" with your robot and or dive the mech comply.

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why not both?

Put Mech summon on F5.  Give toolbelt skills F1-F4 when mech is inactive.  When mech is active, it has skills F1-F3, and F4 causes you to 'ride' on the mech's back/shoulder or otherwise merge with it (dependent on race, I'd assume.  Asura or humans/sylvari might just ride on the mech's shoulder, while norn/charr might have to merge with it somehow like a pilot).

When merged/riding the mech, it's health bar becomes a non-regenerating barrier for you, making you tankier.

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