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[NA] [WvW]- [IoM] Immortals of the Mists- Is now recruiting!


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[IoM] Immortals of the Mists is a small group of gamers. We are laid back but maintain a strong competitive spirit. Our members come from all parts of the globe and most of us have been playing together since Guild Wars 2 release. We are extremely active and love to have fun.

We are aiming to become a  well-known guild on our world. In the past, we led guilds Legion Of The Core [LoC] and Damage Inc. [DI] Beginning in the starting months of Guild Wars 2 on the home server Blackgate.

We play on the US server Tarnished Coast. We are an English speaking guild but international players are more than welcome to join us. Most of us have a NA CST-time based schedule.

We have active and dedicated officers, skilled players for groups, a well organized Discord. We also participate in Org WvW/GvG and organized PvP, Guild Missions, Ect.

We are currently looking for PvP minded gamers that are friendly and love teamwork. Hardcore and casual players are welcomed to join us, as we aim to build a close knit community that is enjoyable for all.

We are looking for ALL meta builds for our WvW comp.

We WvW raid Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s (8PM CST) and trainings are held on Friday’s (8PM CST)
Guild missions Tuesday’s (8pm CST)

So come join in on the fun today! 
If you have any other question’s please message  our Fearless leader- WarLord.8430 (In game ID) Heaton#2224 (Discord) Or one of our lovely commander’s- Prophet.6519 (In game ID) Cali#4747 (Discord) Or one of our amazing Officer’s- Shimy.1389 (In game ID) hailburn#9802 (Discord) Or me recruiter extraordinaire- Adalyn.4138 (In game ID) Addy#4635 (Discord)

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