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Harbinger Tank-Heal-Boon-DPS-Supporter


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So, while i was playing around in the Buildconstructor i was thinking what could be done as a support Harbinger.


Well, here it is:



75% Boon Duration which is fine for perma-Quickness on everyone. Use Elixiers, activate shroud and bam, boons and quickness everywhere.

100% Torment Duration. Since Harbingers main Condition is torment, thats fine. Use Pistol to stack Torment, then activate Shroud to stack more Torment. Condition Damage could be higher, but hey, we are playing a supporter, so thats fine.

Thanks to celestial gear we have enough toughness to Facetank bosses. Hard hits can be absorbed by using shroud. And the 31.000 Hitpoints help too, even with max stacks of blight we still have 15.650 HP. Celestial is also great as Harbinger because Pistol and Shroud does good direct damage and good condi damage and Celestial Gear supports both.

Shroud is quickly recharged with Offhand Warhorn+Focus and Signet of Undeath.

And with the Healingwell, shroud Skill 4, and the lifeleech Aura we have nice Groupheal. Can also port downed players with shroud 4, but while tanking, better be careful so boss dont hit the downed.


As long as you arent fighting bosses that hit extremely hard, you can just stand in front of the boss, facetank it while DPSing the boss and healing and buffing the group.


But i think this will be nerfed fast. Probably even before End of Dragons is released.


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5 hours ago, Blumpf.2518 said:

Hard hits can be absorbed by using shroud

Harbinger Shroud doesn't shield Health. 


5 hours ago, Blumpf.2518 said:

But i think this will be nerfed fast. Probably even before End of Dragons is released.

I mean, FB can already do all that and far better, with better boon uptimes, Healing, Aegis, Stability, Projectile mitigation and so on, all while retaining more personal DPS. 


It's also just really hard to justify Vial Vials, since it competes with a whopping 25% damage mod, all while still not allowing for 100% boon uptimes on Elixirs (such as Fury) unless you run 100% Boon Duration+ the Trait. 


Like the build works and is fine for casual play, but idk man, Harbinger is just missing so much Utility and boon uptime wise and just has to sacrifice so much in personal DPS to get any sort of support with BM, all while still not coming close to what other specs can do without making those sacrifices. It's just a so much worse Celestial/Seraph FB.


What I'd maybe change about the build is going for Dhuumfire over Death Perception, esp if you are going with Plaguedoctors pieces - or swap SR for Curses altogether, depending on what comes out higher. That could also open up use for BiP for more DPS and group Might. 

Likewise, probably Vile Vials for Septic Corruption, to at least still contribute some DPS, as Harbinger even if fully commited to supporting doesn't provide enough support to really compete for that role, kind of the best it can do is a mediocre hybrid while relying on other's to fill boon gaps. 


Looks like a fun T1-3 Fractal pug carry or Meta event Quickness Downed Vacuum though.

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Neither is this build tanky (you have some conceptional misunderstanding of harbinger shroud - it does not absorb damage and at max blight all you have is your 16k health - there is a reason why pistol and shroud are both ranged) nor does it mentionable damage for pve standards, so its support (which is good, but not outstanding) is all it brings to the table. 

Not a bad build but also nothing special. Celestial harbinger will have its place in solo and smallscale wvw builds where you do not camp shroud (= generate less blight) and the HP regeneration you get from your life force conversion and transfusion on top of your healing skill will be sick while you deal some decent hybrid damage.

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