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Extra Life 2021 - Feisty Feline Tonic


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Hi, I was waiting for this tonic to be available again but the reward for '(Annual) Extra Life Donor Goal' achievement is the mini https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Mr._Sparkles instead.

In this article (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Feisty_Feline_Tonic) on wiki there's this line:

  • As of Extra Life 2021 you can still obtain the tonic by at least buying a 75 gem Karma Booster and Teleporting to Lion's Arch after doing so. If you're already at LA, swap maps first.

I did buy the extra life item (karma booster) but still haven't received the 'Feisty Feline Tonic'.

Anybody got the cat tonic this year ?

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I just got this on my second account.

My main account gifted an Extra Life Karma Booster to my second account. I opened the mail with the gift on a character who was in Lion's Arch and immediately got the Extra Life Donor achievement and title but nothing else, so I logged out to character select and back in and got the retired Extra Life Donor achievement and the (Annual) Extra Life Donor achievement and two pop-up chests, one had the Feisty Feline Tonic and one had the Mini Mr. Sparkles.

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Maybe it's because you are eligible for the prices from the moment you buy something on? For example the Feline was for reaching tier 2 iirc, maybe if you buy something later you won't unlock previous rewards? Not sure, just trying to understand.

Although @Danikat.8537 received the Feline, after relogging. You can try his/her (or their, since Danikat is a Dragon) steps.

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That is BUG.


I had sent the ticket and received a reply.

Thank you for contacting our team about a game issue that you experienced. The Guild Wars 2 Development Team is aware of this issue and team members currently are working on addressing it. 

The next time that you're in the game, you can do us a favor by submitting an in-game bug report. This will send detailed information about your character and your position directly to our Quality Assurance Team and will help us assess the issue as promptly as possible. To submit a bug report in the game, simply click on the "Game Menu" button in the upper left-hand corner of the game interface, then choose the "Support" option on the Game Menu. That option will allow you to review known issues, report a bug, or contact Customer Support.

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