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[EU]Newish player seeking active and friendly PvX guild


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Hey there,


I've been on and off the game for several years and amassed a few levels 80s through solo play but recently I have found myself putting a lot more time into the game. For this reason I would like to join up with a guild who welcome inexperienced players and make an effort to show us what we're missing in the world of Tyria.


Currently I am enjoying my Thief and dabble mostly in PvE but have enjoyed the odd night of WvW, I would really like to expand on this and step into the harder content. Right now I am on Seafarer's Rest but have only noticed French guilds advertising. I am looking for mainly English speaking but could also try Danish as I am learning the language anyway.


Active pretty much every night until about 22:00 CET.

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Hey Carrick,

We've recently started a brand new guild with the idea to give new and returning (inexperienced) players a new home where we can discover and learn all we want in our pace.

Check out our recruitment thread if you would like to know more: The Order of the Rift recruitment topic

Cheers! I hope you find a home, regardless if that's us or somewhere else!

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