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Snow diamond infusion question

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So snow diamond infusion has the white eyes effect but this constantly disappears and appears for me (on some map it works then suddenly not after I switch map and so on). I use it in combo with 1 gray infusion and 1 ghostly infusion. Anyone knows why this is or is it bug? pictures are from the same map after switching maps so no idea..








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From the wiki: 

  • The effects from Polysaturating Reverberating Infusions, Hylek Potions, Polyluminescent Undulating Refractor, and Polyluminescent Undulating Infusions have the same priority. As such, the one applied last will take effect until zoning; upon zoning a random cosmetic upgrade equipped will be shown. If you want to semi-avoid this, equip the infusion you want to apply last on both weapon sets. In this case swapping weapons will apply the wanted infusion last (you need different infusion-stats on the sets, same stat wont work).
    • Because Polysaturating Infusions do not affect character skin, when combined with a Polyluminescent, the skin will never be overridden but the armor and hair will.
  • The effect does not affect the character's skin or equipped back items, weapons, or gliders.
  • Some hair styles and charr horns will not be affected by this infusion.

I'm guessing this is the problem.  For whatever reason, priority isn't being set consistently on zoning.

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