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Effects of Wearing One Conflux Ring vs. Two Conflux Rings

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I recently crafted the Legendary ring Conflux. Actually I crafted two of them. I noticed that the effect of Conflux (the orb that follows the character) is only displayed for one Conflux by default. In order for the effect of a second Conflux to appear, the user must go to the Equipment screen, uncheck the box on one of the Conflux, and recheck it. This allows for the successful display of TWO orbs that follow the character. However, as soon as the character stows their weapon, and the orbs disappear, the next time the weapon is drawn, only one orb shows. I was wondering if Anet could address this by allowing TWO orbs to be displayed (by default) any time a character that has two Conflux Rings equipped.  It's not really a big deal, but I am proud of having undergone the process of crafting two Conflux Rings. It would be gratifying to see two orbs.

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