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[LF] A community in EU for Roleplay


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It does not have to focus heavily on roleplay, that'd be great too. It can be a combination of many other aspects of the game. All in all, i just want to find a community that appreciates Lore in this game so i can discuss and talk about those content. 


My home select is Underworld if it helps. Currently a new player, and a Lore enthusiast!

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I know this guild that focuses mostly on roleplay, they're called Sylvanheart, even have a website and all and have many experienced (role)players 🙂 It might seem a sylvari-only guild but any race and character is welcome, and the members I interacted with were very friendly and always willing to help. I joined the guild but left shortly after, because the type of rp was too "professional" for my taste, but others could find it interesting! 🙂 


As a fan of the lore, I'm always open to discussing it, so feel free to add me as friend if you ever wanna chat about it 🙂 

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