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Power PvP Build


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Hello! I wanted to try a power build which isnt longbow+greatsword in pvp. So I'm going to try this build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PO1AMhflZwAZbsQGKOqW/PdA-zRJYihfMilCVqA/kitten-e

Instead of the 1 shot gank build, I wanted this build to be more towards sustained power dmg.


Weapons: Longbow + Dagger(main)/Axe(off)

Specs are: Marksmanship + Beastmastery + Soulbeast

Skills are: We Heal As One + Sic Em + Signet of the Wild + Protect Me + Strength of the Pack


I love bows and I already have a shortbow+axe/torch as a trap condi build, this is the one I'm going to try as the power sustain build.


The playstyle in my mind goes like shoot from afar with longbow, use sic em and ulti while bursting with longbow 2 and 5, nothing too complicated there.


if they get close to me or if they are stacked, I can use dagger 3rd skill(gap closer + quickness) + signet of the wild(for immobilization and fury, this very well synergizes with marksmanship traits) + sic em + axe 5(whirling defense). If they are still alive, use pet3(soulbeast ability) and get back to longbow.


I dont think I've ever seen anything like this before. I dont do rated pvp but even though I'll play casually, I still want my build to make sense and improve. I wonder what you guys think and do you have any suggestions?



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First thing is you should swap the build editor into the mode you want because the balance is a lot different in each mode. The shield + sword is PvE, the tower WvW and the 2 swords sPvp.

As an example stoneform goes from 56s to 240s (which makes it less attractive) and the gear is different. I am not a fan of signets in PvP, I think there are better options to stay alive or do damage.

If you want some mobility without GS I would suggest taking sword instead of dagger because it has a higher range than dagger + more defense (dodges).

You can have a build without gs or wilderness survival but your build also lacks condi clear which probably also makes it harder than it should because you lost a lot of defense. 

I do not think you need longer vulnerability. It can get dispelled easily. If you want to pressure you will probably need a sigil with a constant modifier (like sigil of separation with a +5% if you are >500 range away or opportunity because everybody has impairing conditions).

You did not choose any pets or runes. Is there a reason? You could go for smokescale, gazelle, even an owl (less damage).

I think this build looks close to what you are trying to build (anything can be changed) :


You can use one wolf pack and share it with the smokescale before he jumps into a fight + use rapid fire /barrage / whirling defense (both of you will have the buff).

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21 minutes ago, aymnad.9023 said:

You did not choose any pets or runes. Is there a reason? You could go for smokescale, gazelle, even an owl (less damage).

I forgot 😅 Smokescale for the win!


Yeah, I noticed the CD of the signet being 240s in pvp when I tried. Bummer. I'll choose the 2 swords next time.


Everything you said makes more sense. Thanks 🙂

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