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James is about to PvP without a monitor

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34 minutes ago, Noah Salazar.5430 said:

is that some kind of jojo reference?

The Twitter feed on the forum has this…


James is live right now playing PvP. The more people donate to @ExtraLife4Kids, the more keybinds he loses! He currently has no keys left & can only click. Next match he has to play without a monitor, relying on direction from others in the room. Join us! http://twitch.tv/guildwars2


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And they did it! Over 500K done & dusted!! 

Made Rubi cry with emotion & fatigue! 

Kudos to all who participated & donated. 

Team Arena Net is in 2nd place of hundreds of teams involved. 

What Is Extra Life? | Extra Life (extra-life.org)

Proud to be a member of this great community. ❤️


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4 hours ago, Shadowmoon.7986 said:

Isn't this the very definition of match manipulation, paying someone to throw games? I feel sorry for his teammates.

When I play PvP, I'm not throwing matches.

I play the game blind.  It can be done without a monitor.


Kudos James, I'll have to check out the video.



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