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Playable race with the best voice actor?

Playable race and gender with the best voice actor?  

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  1. 1. Which of the 10 playable race/gender combinations has the best voice, especially considering the personal story from HoTs onward?

    • Human male
    • Human female
    • Norn male
    • Norn female
    • Sylvari male
    • Sylvari female
    • Asura male
    • Asura female
    • Charr male
    • Charr female

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Recently, as someone who doesn't play Norn, I've been surprised by the female Norn voice as I accompany my daughter through her story. There's something about her snarly talk with the Sons of Svanir that doesn't ring true, and somehow makes it more disturbing when she threatens them.

Like, if she actually sounded angry or powerful when threatening them, it'd be less jarring. Maybe it just starts to sound... sociopathic, instead?

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Charr male is aesthetically my favorite race/gender combo, but when I do the story I prefer to do it as a male Asura. We already have a kitten snarker with Rytlock so my character feels redundant. The male Asura feels like the main character: he can crack jokes, but he can also be sincere.

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Female Sylvari voice actress Jennifer Hale is best. She conveys feeling into ALL voice lines so well. Her way of saying "I'll destroy you all!" when I activate berserker mode is the best version in the game.

I fell in love with the voice while I was doing the personal story section with the Order of Whispers trying to retrieve Caladbolg from Waine, the kitten that killed Riannoc. There's a particular line of dialog where the player character gets really drunk/drugged and talks about seeing oozes and Dredge where there weren't any. It was hilarious because of how well she delivered the lines. "The oozes! The ooooozes... and the dredge!"

And I can't forget to mention her amazing line delivery during the Order of Whispers mission where you win the drinking game while Tybalt looks for Demmi. "Sort of. The idea starts with 'run for it', and it generally goes down hill from there".

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I can only rate between male norn, human and sylvari since I don’t play the others.

Id say male norn is the best of those three (given the watering down of the norn character he does a decent job with it) and human male is fine at least for noble style humans (which fits mine perfectly even though it’s not the best acting imo considering how brilliant the actor normally is)

Id vote male sylvari bottom by a landslide. I’d rather have Trahearne’s voice to be honest. 

Maybe I’ll try Asura. The race just doesn’t interest me from a playing point of view though.

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Other race and gender other than female human, that voice is awful and annoying. Especially the Warrior berserk mode one where she says shes gonna destroy them all, seems like a little girl or early teenagers throwing tantrum.


For the best im going for the male norn, because it's the first race I created for my toon and the voice acting sticks with me.

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On 11/7/2021 at 11:22 AM, Tytos.3076 said:

No love for Claudia Christian's Norn?

I know many people are a fan of hers, but her voice acting for the female Norn is the one in the game that really annoys me. So much so that I deleted my first female Norn because I couldn't stand the voice acting. I get that Norn are meant to be tough and a larger race, but it sounds like she is trying too hard to sound tough and it just doesn't sound right, too unnatural. 


I really wanted a Norn ranger so I later made another one and have tried to get used to and ignore the voice acting. I have gotten used to it some over the years, but it's by far my least favorite in the game. On the bright side, I have gotten used to it enough to somewhat play my Norn now lol.


Edited to add which I voted for. I voted for sylvari female. I think the sylvari male is really good also and I do like the human female as well. But I do think the syvari female is definitely my favorite.

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