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Return to EotN: Tier 1 Prophet Shards not credited

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Also missing Prophet Shards.


I completed:

"Return to Grothmar Valley" (all tiers) = 25 red

"Return to Bjora Marches 1" (all tiers) = 25 green

"Return to Bjora Marches 1" (all tiers) = 25 blue

and as of yesterday "Return to to Eye of the North" (all tiers) = 100 red, 100 green, 100 blue

So I should have at least 125 each of red, green, and blue from the recent achievements and haven't spent any shards in a very, very long time


At the moment, I only have 66 green shards... so at minimum I didn't get the full "Return to Eye of the North" Tier 2 reward.


This is frustrating because of how long it takes to farm 100 shards...




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It'd be nice if this got a little bit of notice since it's clearly on the dev side and not any of our faults... I really hope they reimburse this as I'm not looking forward to having to farm 100 more shards of a given color as that is just depressing. At best, that's 20 days of the daily strike missions, and only on a specific week where it's the color you need. That means this is at minimum a 7 week (if the current week is the color you need, AND you do every single strike mission for each day of 3 weeks at 5 shards per daily) correction on the players part. Some transparency from Anet would be appreciated...

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