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Nov 12 World Restructuring Beta Delay

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Hi all, On October 21, we released “Inside ArenaNet: World Restructuring Beta 1,” a blog post that detailed the problems we encountered during the September 24 World Restructuring beta attempt an

So many paragraphs to blatantly say you don't have your core developers anymore and no one knows what's going on with the core game engine anymore.  Just the other day, you said you had a 3-4 week

Alliances when? 

Will we see a beta before February?
Seeing how this is supposed to roll out with/around EoD I have a very negative outlook on this being ready in time. Seeing how long it has taken to address the last beta's problems. You are not leaving yourself with much time to address any newly found issues after a second beta. God speed to you!

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So many paragraphs to blatantly say you don't have your core developers anymore and no one knows what's going on with the core game engine anymore. 

Just the other day, you said you had a 3-4 week pipeline AFTER things had passed QA testing, "Add a healthy portion of testing, bake for 3-4 weeks in our release pipeline (the average time from the moment something is finished and ok-ed to be released, to actually being in a release)" https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/104393-legendary-trinket-effects-update/ 

Yet, here we are, only being told a few days before? when so many players have been shifting, making plans, trying to ensure they are ready for alliances because you gave a hard date when you thought you found the original problem? from a user perspective, you realize how being lied to is upsetting right? if you knew earlier, say something earlier, if your release pipeline is just a few days, maybe update that trinket post. (how hard is it to just make new unique leggos that follow the pattern of the wvw/pvp balls and just replace the ones on peoples account? months of work? oof)

WvW hasn't had an update in years, balancing is never centered around it, the meta has been the same for years, clearly you don't have the best project managers or developers on it (otherwise root cause investigations would of been properly scoped, and you wouldn't of given out a "we figured out what we did wrong" message last update). Yet, you still have the audacity to call it the core pillar of your game?


You're actively losing players to other mmo's that aren't even good. None of the new specs are wvw centric, all are outshined by previous specs for their roles, and all of their animations are borrowed from other classes, some are so obvious it's not funny. It's very clear anet just has devs that can make skins and maps while borrowing what the previous devs left them. 


Doesn't put a great view for the xpac, or the timeline for any other wvw update

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3 hours ago, Fire Attunement.9835 said:

...While the code that manages map capacity is used game wide, player counts for WvW are more complicated than other maps because there is a necessary limit to the number of players per team to help maintain competitive integrity. The counting is handled in two places: (1) when a player connects and joins the WvW map, and (2) it’s updated periodically based on a connected player’s HomeShard. The problem is that players are connecting to the map and initially being counted using their World Restructuring team, but the periodic update is looking at their HomeShard. This causes all sorts of interesting side effects...

Thanks so much for the hard work and update! To clarify (correct me incase I'm wrong), is the below roughly what happened? 🧐

X: Player battle shard (rank)
Y: Home shard (home world server)

Example scenario:
Player1: X = 1500 rank, Y = Blackgate server
Player2: X = 100 rank, Y = TarnishedCoast server

In-game flow/logic:
-> Player1 is friends/a guildie to player2 showing them the ropes to WvW
-> Player1 groups with Player2 (party/squad)
-> Both players join EOTM (clicks button)
-> Server splits the 2 into two different instances where:
    EOTM Instance1: 100 grouped blue players (ranks between 1000 to 1200) vs 100 Red vs 100 Green
    EOTM Instance2: 100 grouped blue players (ranks between 0 to 120) vs 100 Red vs 100 Green

Result -> The 2 players are now split in two different instances of the 'same' EOTM map even though they're in the same party/squad


  • In the current PvP, I believe there's a 'timer' system that matches groups only by player battle shard X (regardless of world server)? Maybe a good reference? Of course the only drawback are the long waits, but you do end up with even matches with people of the same level on both sides
  • In GW1 Alliance Battles, this same scenario existed (waiting for a proper/even match) where groups are matched based on player shard X with '3 groups of 4' on each side (12 v 12)
  • To use an analogy in this scenario, for WvW, the goal is to group match 12 v 12 v 12 of similar skill?
  • Since EOTM is already built this way, to mitigate the risk of touching legacy code when GW2 1st launched, maybe a re-analysis of how EOTM worked might help?
  • The hard/long way would be to solve above scenario where a match are even while skill levels are close, the issue might be sparked from a veteran player grouping up with a new player, there'd need to be some algorithm or 'condition' to calculate that in the system...
  • Hope this helps! 😁
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