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Return to Steel and Fire/Eye of the North; Tier 2 Rewards Not Given

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I've seen posts for Tier 1 and Tier 3 but I definitely did not receive--in my case--Tier 2 rewards when completing the meta achievement yesterday.


I previously completed:

"Return to Grothmar Valley" (all tiers) = 25 red

"Return to Bjora Marches 1" (all tiers) = 25 green

"Return to Bjora Marches 1" (all tiers) = 25 blue


And as of yesterday completed  "Return to to Eye of the North" (all tiers) = 100 red, 100 green, 100 blue

So I should have at least 125 each of red, green, and blue from the recent achievements

I haven't spent any shards in a very, very long time


At the moment, I only have 66 green shards... which is <<100, so at minimum I didn't get the full "Return to Eye of the North" Tier 2 reward.


I guess I'll try my luck with support... because it's frustrating given how long it would take to farm the 100 shards 


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