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GW 2 Dungeons, Gold and dyes

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Hello everyone and good morning :classic_smile:

As a new player to the game i have been wondering about the dungeons...i noticed that i have been in a few zones that have dungeons because of the icon on the map but i don't know if i can go there or if there are quests that takes us there, i am now level 36 and i think i'm missed something maybe? Am i doing something wrong? By the way how many dungeons we have in GW 2?


About the gold as currency in the game, how hard it is to make gold in GW 2, knowing that there is a possibility for players to trade gold for store gems, did they made it harder to farm for gold in the game?

Is there any advice about how to farm gold efficiently?  Is there a profession or professions that are better to generate income?


Now, we all know that much of MMORPG's end game evolves around fashion :classic_laugh: i know that we can dye armor in GW2 but can we dye the weapons?

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There are 8 dungeons, each of which has a story mode that you are notified about when you reach the appropriate level. The first of these is in the Plains of Ashford. When you reached level 30 you should have got an in game mail:
If you and your friends are looking for a challenge, visit the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon in the Plains of Ashford. Check your mail for a map to the dungeon.

Dungeons are designed as 5 man content, but experienced players can do a run with smaller parties, even soloing some paths.

Your next mail will arrive at level 40 (Caudecus's Manor) - so look out for it 🙂

To finish your level 80 personal story, you will need to complete the story mode in Arah.


In my experience, GW2 showers you with gold after a while. I don't do anything to specifically farm it, except for my dailies, a few regular events like metas and Dragonstorm, gathering in my home instance, a weekly fractal run. These days I mostly do those for fun or out of habit, certainly not for the gold. I've exchanged gold for gems regularly over the years to purchase all the Quality of Life upgrades I need and a bunch of mount skins; I don't even bother doing that at the moment, so I'm currently sitting on about 12,000 gold. I know legendaries are a major gold sink, but I haven't made many of those.


You can't dye weapons, but you can try and find weapon skins that match your look.


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Dungeons unlock as you level up. The story modes sort-of tie into the personal story but they're optional. The first one (Ascalon Catacombs) unlocks at level 30 (you get mail each time one unlocks) but fits just after the first step in the level 40 storyline, so if you're interested in the story I suggest waiting until then to do it.

Each dungeon also has 3-4 explorable mode paths which are harder and unlock 5 levels later. I think most people actually leave those until they're level 80. Just like in open world maps you'll be scaled down to the dungeons level but get XP and rewards for your level. In explorable mode you'll also get tokens which can be used to buy exotic weapons and armour with unique skins from a merchant in Fort Marriner in Lion's Arch.

Dungeons aren't popular for farming because they're not a good way of making gold any more, but you can still find people to complete them if you want to. The best way is to use the Looking For Group tool in the contacts menu, and if you don't see a group for the path you want to join make your own. You're not committing to leading the group by doing that, just letting people know you want to do it so they can join.


There's also a slightly different dungeon called Fractals of the Mists which unlocks at level 80. It's a series of mini dungeons which all go together and has it's own progression system where you repeat Fractals at higher levels with new mechanics for more rewards. If you just want to play through all of them you can do that at the lower levels on pretty much any level 80 character. To go further you'll need ascended equipment and agony resistance infusions, but playing Fractals will get you both of those so it's not a big problem.


It is possible to farm gold but you really need to be level 80 to do it. A lot of the best farms are open-world meta events on level 80 maps, especially expansion maps although there's also Silverwastes which is available to everyone. One important thing to know is farming gold in this game usually doesn't rely on getting 1 specific drop which is worth a lot of money (those exist, but they're expensive because they're so rare, so they're not practical to farm). Instead it's about getting lots of items and usually salvaging them into materials and selling those (although the exact method varies depending on the farm).

I wouldn't worry about it until you get to level 80 and want to start collecting skins or other expensive items, until then just enjoy the game.

Gold to gems exchange

There's 2 reasons Anet didn't need to restrict gold farming even though you can buy gems with gold:

1) The exchange rate is dynamic - it constantly updates based on how many people are buying gems with gold vs buying gold with gems. If lots of people are buying gems with gold then the price will keep going up so it gets to be too expensive, even though gold can still be farmed at the same rate.
2) There's actually a finite amount of gems available - only those which have been bought with real money and converted into gold by other players, so even if you get them for free Anet still got paid for them by someone.

In theory the exchange could run out of gems (or gold) but I don't think that's ever happened because in practice what happens is if lots of people are buying gems with gold the exchange rate jumps up and it gets to be too expensive to be worthwhile for most players so they stop and it slows down. At the same time other players will take the oppertunity to convert their gems into gold because they get a good deal and that pushes it down further.

In recent years we've hit a sort of equilibrium where the exchange rate is usually around 110-120g for 400 gems, but you'll see it jump up when new items or lots of discounts are in the gem store and drop when things are quiet or lots of people get gems or need gold.

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For dyes you get a few just playing through the game, Black Lion Chests are where they typically come from. You can buy dyes on the trading post as well.

For gold the fun way to get gold is with the map metas, Auric Basin is my haunt. When it's fun and challenging it feels less like work, thus reducing your chances of getting burnt out on the game.

Sell unopened gear and bags on the trading post for the most optimal profit. The drawback with my method it that it will be slower, there are faster methods but they take the fun out of the game, IMO.

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