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Where/How Do I Get 21 More Icebrood Mastery Points?

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Open your achievement panel and look for categories, then individual achievements with blue stars next to them - those are the ones which will give you Icebrood mastery points. Look through them all and pick the ones you think are easiest/most interesting or otherwise best for you to do.

Alternatively there's a list here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mastery_point_unlocks#Icebrood_Saga_mastery_points

I can't recommend specific ones because I don't know what you've already done or what you would want to do. Some people would probably say the Dragonstom ones are easy and you'll get those anyway as part of farming the instance, but if you don't do it regularly they could be a huge pain to get. Other people will get all the ones from the weapon collection 'free' because they're completing the collections to get the skins while others will never make any of them because they think it's too expensive and boring and they don't like the skins. It all depends on what you like doing.

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I assume you have already gotten all of the commune points.


First, I would suggest doing all the light puzzles in Bjora Marches.  Doing each one once will give you a mastery point, and they're pretty easy.


Some of the weapon collection mastery points only require a few weapons crafted (Restored Boreal and Tengu, for example), not completing the entire achievement.  This ought to help you out more.


Drizzlewood Coast is home to 6 fairly easy mastery points you can get just playing through the meta.  A full meta run will nearly complete a single track if you keep active.  Just be sure to change your commendations as needed.  Running the full meta is also a great source of gold, which can help with the aforementioned weapon collections.  You will also get special mission documents as you play, which will lead to a 7th mastery point for unlocking all 40 of the No Quarter special missions (southern half of the map).  In addition, once you've played through the meta 6 times, you're fairly close to yet another mastery point earned at fighting the Claw of Jormag 10 times.  At the midpoint of the meta, there's yet another mastery point available for killing all 10 cache keepers.  You'll have a few opportunities to try for it, and even just using mounts to get around, it's not difficult to get 6 of the 10 in one shot.  You don't have to kill all 10 in one go, just eventually.  So yeah, you can get 9 mastery points just from playing Drizzlewood Coast meta.  Plus, if you accomplish these, you're well on your way to the mastery point at the end of the episode mastery achievement.


Dragon Response missions have a few points tied to them as well, and the currency you get isn't bad.

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The first response about looking in achievements is great, but to add to it, there is actually a filter, on a "gear" icon (I think, I am not in-game right now), that will let you set achievements to only show ones that give Mastery Points of a selected type.

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