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Did not receive 100 red prophet crystal shards from Return to the Eye of the North

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I received the 100 green (Tier 2) and 100 blue (Tier 3) reward shards no problem. They are right there in my wallet where they are supposed to be. 

The 100 red (Tier 1 reward) never arrived. I have 14 red prophet crystal shards. 


I asked support for help and they said they weren't going to give me the shards, which is a pretty substantial blow. 

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There appear to be two separate threads for this so I'm going to comment on both. I too did not get the red shards and know many people who got all of them just fine. I suspect it's something to do with the order in which you complete the sub achievements for the return meta achievement, but that's just my speculation. I just hope Anet will do something about this to fix it for those that didn't get theirs because it's a massive time investment to correct ourselves towards getting equal rewards to others.

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