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Having recently done this, if you have the memory of sunrise & memory of twilight, at that point, it is very minor cost in materials to use them to make eternity.

My recollection is that eternity crafted that way is account bound - I don't recall if it was automatically added to the armory, but really doesn't matter since you can't sell it.  If you want to create a sellable eternity, I believe you need to use unbound twilight and unbound sunrise.


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3 hours ago, azizul.8469 said:

i have not crafted sellable legendaries for quite some time now. is it automatically added to the armoury when you crafted it, OR you have to equip it first only then it is added ?


Legendary items are added the moment they become account bound.


As such, if you craft a T1 legendaty weapon, it will sit in your inventory just as before when crafted or bought. The moment you bind it via what ever means (reskin, add a sigil, equip, etc.) it gets added to the armory.


Legendary items which are automatically account bound (pretty much everything besides T1 weapons) get added automatically to the armory.

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