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Help me create a Charr Necromancer

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  • HizukGamer.9017 changed the title to Help me create a Charr Necromancer

I don't have a charr necromancer, but your topic got me thinking about what one would be like. My first thought is obviously they'd be Ash Legion, then I realised actually Iron Legion would make more sense because their story is all about trying to design new weaponry that would be more effective against ghosts and studying necromancy would be an important part of that. (Later on that could also feed into finding ways to fight Zhaitan.

From there I decided they'd be fairly practical - they're a necromancer because it gives them useful knowledge and skills not to be edgy or mysterious. They're not ashamed of being a caster so I wanted their armour to reflect that, but they're also Iron Legion so they want it to be practical. Their appearence is something I've had in mind for a 3rd charr for a while, who would be Iron Legion (because my other two are Ash and Blood) but I've always been stuck on a profession because I didn't want medium or heavy armour (which I've already got for charr) but couldn't think how to make an Iron Legion caster work, so I'm trying it out.


Anyway, here's the end result, or a first 'draft' of it at least:



Carapace top with Aurora shoulders, Luminous leggings and Dry Bones shoes. (I think it needs gloves but she hasn't got any yet.) All dyed various shades of black and red. Weapons are Phoenix Reborn (because I wanted something magical but also practical) and the Legionnaire Dagger. If I keep her I'll probably make her a Harbinger after EoD comes out, so she can use a pistol.

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