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1 hour ago, DivineWrath.7305 said:

Hey ..

What is Best healer to go aside from Firebrand ?

The problem is that firebrand is so much better than the other options (for fractals) that you will literally never see a group ask for anything else.  You won't even see them ask for just a "healer".  Only firebrand.  You can run other healers, but to match the utility provided by firebrand requires one of the inferior healers plus another class (usually also firebrand, just not spec'd to heal....because you know, it's okay for firebrand to be better at everything!) to bring the support those healers lack compared to firebrand.

Maybe ANet could think about balancing this some day?  Maybe?  Who am I kidding? It's been this way for years...

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34 minutes ago, DivineWrath.7305 said:

Guess I'm left between Tempest or Druid ..

gonna try both then


That is always the best thing to do. When I started playing I was so focused with playing meta builds (not just healing) and when I would look at someone that outperforms me signifficantly my first thought was "dam, I want to be able to do that". Then I would find the exact buld, try it, have absolutely no fun with it because mechanically it is incredibly borning and go back to w/e felt good to play.

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Well Firebrand is almost the norm for Fractals and you will be able to find groups much easier. I wouldn't call Firebrand boring. Why it is sought so much for fractals is that it can do almost anything supportive except alacrity.  Here we are talking about permanent quickness, decent amount of other boons, aegis and stability on demand, reflects, cc. 

And if you get bored of support, you have dps options. Guardian in general is almost always a very sought after profession in all content types.

Druid on the other hand is almost the norm for raids. And ranger also has always different options in PVE.

In time you if you will do both types of content often you will probably want both. Or something completely different because expansion is coming or there will be a balance patch. Luckily it's really easy to have many alts in this game. But that is why it is also not so critical which one you choose for starters, choose something you like and when you get bored with it, equip another one.

If anything I would not go for healing tempest for starters. It's not that it's bad, it is just not something people are really looking for right now.

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On 11/19/2021 at 2:36 AM, BunjiKugashira.9754 said:

Depends on what you need.

If you need boons with your heals, Renegade delivers permanent alacrity on top of heals.

If you want to prevent your team-mates from getting one-shot, go for Scourge.

If you just need as much raw healing as possible and/or your team-mates have a habit of fleeing from the healer, pick Tempest.

To add to that if you need burst heals chrono mantras can do something like 20k+ over 10 seconds

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