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Is Jade Maw a dragon champion?

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All we know from the creatures that left the deeps of the unending ocean is that they were driven away by orrors with tentacles. As the Jade sea is full of magic and was water in the past, I would assume it would look like a tasty meal for DSD and its minions now that is imbued with all that magic? 


What do we know exactly about the jade maw? 

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We don't know much about the Maw and the fractal itself. Dessa mentions that the jade was water in the past and that's basically it. 

Irukandji were a type of an enemy in GW Factions. They seem to be native to the region. The tentacle monsters we meet there might be something more like Chak in Maguuma, with Gerent being the big bad boss. 

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It's a Kraken.

Vastly rechanged from GW1's design which were much smaller and far more squid-like, but it's been called a kraken by ANet on multiple occasions by now. In GW1 lore, krakens were giant sea creatures native to the Jade Sea and the Clashing Seas between Tyria/Elona and Cantha.

No known relations to any Elder Dragon.

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25 minutes ago, draxynnic.3719 said:

Zhu Hanuku was supposed to keep coming back on a regular basis...

Part of me wonders if the kraken in the Jade Quarry will be Zhu Hanuku, since the devs were tight-lipped about what it's name is.

But that'd be a bit odd since Zhu Hanuku is a) a spirit and b) appears in the Boreas Seabed region which is further north.... Not that such would really be an obstacle for ANet. They've made worse altercations.

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