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Christmas Art Contest Entry, Worlds LARGEST Snowman Jump Puzzle 60,000 G

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I hope you guys enjoy this video. The video explains everything about the snowman project I started 5 years ago. It has been a roller coaster project, having days where I just didn't feel like grinding, and days I did. Ive had sponsors donate many times, some small, some big, but I contributed 98% of the total costs involved in this project.


Its my hope Anet considers as a valid art entry, because of the scale, and time invested. While the very top of the snowman isn't 100% finished, I got to a point where I was exhausted, and just felt like taking it easy for once. Working on this snowman, I'm always broke, but having this to look at everyday is a huge enjoyment. I hope you guys like it xD because that was the purpose, to bring smiles on peoples faces. 😉https://ibb.co/sR5msYq




Note: if the video quality is low, its because its still processing, and HD should be available soon.

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