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I appreciate it might possibly not be a popular opinion, but as far as I am concerned, Anet, that tea chair and tea pot focus are AWESOME.  If I am going to be a magical girl, I absolutely want to have my tea.  Also, after doing dailies first thing in the morning.  And after a hard day getting kicked out of our own garrison in EB. 


And hitting people over the head with teapots, in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, makes my heart happy.


Truly, it's a cute set, and it looks really good in game.  Nice work, Anet!  🍵


(How come there's no tea pot emoji?!)




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14 minutes ago, Demon Pie.2634 said:

Wait, so two people can use this chair? o.O

No, one player can use one chair, but the chair is two chairs 😜 


Guess they've unlocked new technology with the two-player turtles incomming

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49 minutes ago, moonboi.1764 said:

The tea chair is the most amazing thing. I’ve been waiting for a co-op chair for awhile and curious what it would be….this exceeded all expectations. Thank you ANET!!!!

One tiny step closer to multiplayer tabletop games in gw2 😶

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I like the idea of randomly stopping for tea, but I have some grievances.

1) There's only one saucer.

2) The host has the saucer. If you only have one of something, it's only polite to give it to the guest.

3) The table doesn't scale, so as a charr, my feet and tail will always clip through the table legs. It's uncomfortable that my own table cannot accommodate me.

4) I'm still waiting for my Permanent Sweet Campfire Treat With Giant Marshmallow On Stick

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Coming back with some of the pain points I've noticed:

- There is currently a technical oversight people are using to forcibly remove people from their chair and lock them in a transformation that can't be canceled (bad news for the upcoming Turt if it works the same way)
- Slim Charr body types hover above the chair seat
- Some Asura and Norn sipping animations are actually drinking tea through their noses

I'll be curious to see how much of that gets addressed next week - or ever. In the meantime, purchase (or don't purchase) responsibly.

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