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do prophet shards really only drop from strike missions or can you get them other ways, ie meta events etc?  I have only ever done one strike mission and yet i have 45 or more of each of the three types of prophet shards.  the wiki seems to only say you get them from strike missions but maybe i missed something on the wiki?  

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something still not adding up, might just be a mystery.  I have 45 blue shards, 45 green shards and 60 red shards.  I have only done 1 strike mission once, forging steel, even if I got the maximum 11 reward shards from that plus the bonus event shards that would only be 36 shards.  If I am reading the wiki right, I got 25 shards from tier 1 of the return bonus events.  Where did the others come from?  Thank you anyway for trying to help.  

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