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Rune of the tapper better be gone with EoD launch

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3 minutes ago, Koensol.5860 said:

Stealth and superspeed on every trap is simply kitten and is carrying bads so hard its unreal

I agree it shouldn't be available in PvP since there's so many chokepoints there and Traps literally cover the entire node, but it should remain available in WvW since Trap skills are far less useful there.

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3 hours ago, Lan Deathrider.5910 said:

Sure, make a rune that causes Physical Skills to do damage to the target and grant quickness on use.

Magebane tether rune, when you use an elite or heal  skill you reveal stealth opponents and apply magebane tether to them. Power vitality power vitality stats.

Another: Rune of the beast, when you use heal skill you can see stealth opponents (like the Hot mastery for invisible enemies, predator vision).

We can always return rune of bursting so stealthers stun themselves for cheesing.     

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1 hour ago, CutesySylveon.8290 said:

But they had no use for it post trap damage nerf, even before they lost traps for preparations. 

I still used it even then actually. I never played ghost thief tho, I played trapper thief more like a dragonhunter with traps and meditations instead. It was the range nerf on swipe that stopped me playing traps as it was much harder to make that playstyle work at 600 range than at 1200 range. 

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yeah nerf the flavour of the month!! how dare they not let mewin when I smash my head against the keyboard!!!

(less salty reaction: Balance is a goal that in its essence is unreachable. I still do not understand why people always want something done with the opposing team when they are the one who performed badly. Balancing things that are OP is important, but it should not be the thing you should focus on. focus on getting better!)

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7 hours ago, WhoWantsAHug.3186 said:

Trapper runes create an interesting and unique playstyle and are honestly fine IMO. They aren't op and trapper DH definitely isn't op. 

DH is actually extremely easy to counter pick and hilariously bad into it's many counter picks

Agreed. Trying to finish up my Ascension, I chose guardian as one of my professions to get wins on just this last week. Tried out the trapper build. Obviously others are going to be way better at it than I am, having just started it about a week ago, but- there is zero sustain. It is all burst damage, and you are heavily vulnerable to cc and power damage. If you’re actually in the midst of battle, you die near instantly


 yes it is high reward of a massive burst potential, but it comes at high risk. And when I play my Revenant (main class) I out duel them almost every time


 i don’t think there’s any need for nerfing 

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On 11/25/2021 at 2:49 AM, Ovark.2514 said:

Just sayin. Losing to a team in plat for no other reason than that they have this rune feels REAL BAD MAN. If DHs and Rangers get to have a rune that's THAT build defining then give one to every other spec in the game.

As good as it would be for them to actually have " Hey guys we actually decided to update pvp for the first time in years" 
Watch them add the Trailblazer stat amulet back then you'll wish they stayed away. Can deal with Trapper runes even if they are broken. 

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