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Do you think ANet will add a new idle conversation from Shiro Tagachi for Rev in Cantha?

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Minor Spoiler for whoever has not had the Kalla Black Citadel statue idle conversation yet as Renegade and really wants to find it out by theirself then you might not want to read this. 


 I'm thinking similar to how Renegade has a unique idle conversation from Kalla when they stand in front of Kalla's statue in the Black Citadel. Kalla says: ''Nice statue. Good to know history was watching.'' This also seems to indicate Kalla is aware of your surrounding in some way. I think it would be really cool if ANet would have Shiro make a comment about Cantha or a specific place in Cantha like that. Perhaps him commenting on how it's changed over the centuries or if you walk past a certain building of significance or something. Especially considering that currently when you use Legendary Assassin Stance one of his idle conversations is ''What has become of the empire in my absence?'', which can be interpreted that he still has some interest about it. 

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