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What are your favorite new skill animations?

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The new skill animation are really good like the Willbender spin kick and the Harbinger shroud conjuring dance.


My favorites are that mobile floating leap the Catalyst does with Molten End and Ground Pound AND the hammer skill 3 loops. I use Juggernaut and it makes like a tornado swirl of quicksilver around me😁🧡


Also all the Virtuoso's animations and when you launch bladesongs. I saw a Virtuoso with Exordium and it looks amazing when you do the bladesongs!

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The top 3 that stand out the most to me are probably;

Specter elite's weird distortion effect.

Elementalist's lightning tornado. (especially as a Dragons Dogma fan who loves High Maelstrom but ofc Ele is only 1% of that XD )

The explodey pods from Ranger

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My favorite is gameplay animations,
Example is Virtuoso (by definition its a person who has exceptional skill, expertise, or talent at some endeavor)

I was expecting this Virtuoso type of gameplay animations, beautifully fluid flow performance type of gameplay.
Like playing Paganini's Caprice 24 in piano.

BUT it is not, you instead shoot twinkle things and you are like playing twinkle twinkle little stars on piano.

Also my expectation on Virtuoso's Elite skill is like Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm "Enuma Elish'
Which is the character is based upon in the first place.

But again, its only Gilgamesh's regular skill on Virtuoso's elite skill animation lol.

PS: Please have some originality Anet, you not only copy pasting your own game now but other game/anime design as well...🙄
Even the hairstyle to make the earrings stand out is 😬, you failed to design a female version of Gilgamesh.

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