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Buying clothing outfit codes off ebay ok?

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It will not be supported by ArenaNet, but I don't think reselling game keys is illegal. As far as I know, it's "at your own risk". If you buy a game key that is obtained via fraud, you may bring your account in danger. Even if you did not do the fraud yourself.


Reselling unused keys is not mentioned in the RMT policy

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19 hours ago, Tony.8659 said:

Guild Wars 2: Ascended Aurene Clothing Outfit

That one was a freebie on Amazon/Twitch Prime a while ago. So it's most likely not fraudulent unless the seller did something really bad with his Amazon Prime account to begin with. However these codes are usually time limited and it might already be expired, even if it is unused.

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It's just like the other thread about the Heroic Edition codes...

You are going to pay (or already did) for something that was handed out for free. If you are OK with that concept and with paying someone for something they didn't put any effort into, you are good to go, I think. If you can redeem the code, that is, provided that the same one wasn't sold to more than one person and that it hasn't expired yet.

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